Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Superstars, Saving Energy, Chicken. We're Not So Different After All.

Yesterday was our first day at LCK Lutheran primary school. The transition from schools went smoothly, but the change in size and atmosphere was surprising at first. LCK has 700 students and people in charge of taking pictures and video-taping our classes and interaction with the students. One little girl told me I was a "superstar". I have to partly agree; I feel like we're being followed by the paparazzi. Our team is seperated into Group A and Group B. Group A has grades 1-3, and group B has grades 4-6. Our groups joined together for lunch, as we ate with a select group of students. I talked with Janice, Hannah discussed mature topics such as marriage and divorce with Kent, while the other girls made interesting conversations as well. One little girl gave us a speech about saving energy, all in English. It was better than I could do.
Eating dinner with our host family
After a long day of teaching and interacting with students in the classroom and at recess, we were able to relax at our home visits. Group B was escorted by Mr. Tam. Mr. Tam lived in Canada for over 10 years so his English is very good, and he has an accent as well. We were graciously invited to join a family in their home. The apartment home was on the 21st floor of one of the many complexes in Hong Kong. We ate a homemade Chinese meal; I can't tell you the names of anything besides chicken. The apartment was near the size of our dorm rooms back at Concordia University. We ate around a table that sat snug in the corner, as we sat on stools. The apartment had a piano which took up some space. The visit enlightend our perspectives on the Chinese way of living, as well as our own. Reflecting on the different cultures on our journey home, we came to the conclusion that the two cultures, Chinese and American, are not so different.

God Bless You, Everyone.
Lydia Pomerenke

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