Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Peaking Point

At The Peak
Day Two proved to be just as enjoyable, though drastically different, than our first day in Hong Kong. Saturday was sightseeing day! From The Peak (the highest point in Hong Kong) to traveling "under the water" (an underwater tunnel/highway between two islands), our day was full of activity! The foggy morning started us out at The Peak where we enjoyed a bit of shopping. After all, we are "9 Barbie dolls" as one student at the school yesterday told us. John and Susan's company along with our leader Hilda enhanced our trip as they knew the in's and out's of the place. And they are pretty great company to begin with.

We thought we might need a little American in our system, so we got hamburgers for lunch. Forty-nine dollar hamburgers, might I add! Of course, HK to US dollars is an 8:1 ratio, so the burger was really only $6, but still. Seeing the prices still gives me a jolt every time; I always think I am overspending.
Audrey in the Ladies' Market

The history of Hong Kong was explored at the HK History Museum, and then we got to explore the Ladies' Market. The collective big purchase of the day was US $11 Toms. All nine of us got a pair. Hong Kong culture intrigues all of us, and Hilda is a pro at answering our questions. The closest comparison I have to the culture at the Ladies Market is like New York City busyness combined with Florida humidity combined with New Orleans shopping markets. Except that we're in Asia, and it's completely different.

From souvenoirs, to food, to great company and conversation, and an even greater God, the team ends the day in thanksgiving to a bountiful Father who continues to bless the trip.

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Sarah Heins

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  1. It sounds like a great day!! Yay for the Toms! Keeping you all in my prayers!
    Mama Heins