Friday, May 11, 2012

It is just after 7 AM on Friday in Nebraska, but it is after 8 PM in Hong Kong and the day is almost over. The girls had a big day and some are already heading off to sleep.

The day started with an early breakfast and then a bus ride to the Lutheran Tsang Shing Sui Leun School to “wave hello to the students.” It sounds a little silly, but the group actually stood on the street and greeted the Chinese children as they entered school. This very simple practice shows the community that the school is connected with Lutherans in the US and have “native English speakers” with whom students can interact. This is a real enrollment booster.

During the morning assembly, the group sang and acted out the wise and foolish man. No Chinese or English necessary. There were English conversations with children during recesses three times. The second graders loved the skit of the Biblical account of the healing of the blind beggar and the songs the girls sang.

Rev. Dr. Allan Yung, the president of the Lutheran Church—Hong Kong Synod, visited the school to greet the foreign guests from CUNE. He was very pleased to see them and expressed an interest in recruiting them to teach in Hong Kong after they graduate. Though the girls felt at times during the day that they were flying by the seat of their pants, the principal and President Yung told them that they all appeared to have years of teaching experience.

Sushi for lunch! Louisa and Audrey ate whole octopuses and Julie at the head off, while the rest abstained. Tea was drunk from traditional clay teacups.

Hilda is “superb.” This is a direct quote. We are sure you will hear more about her!

Saturday means seeing sights in Hong Kong, including a visit to the Peak and a ride across Victoria Harbor on the Star Ferry (see photo left).

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