Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mrs. Wong's Wings

 His name is Jason, a 9 year old P3 student - or 3rd grader - here at LCK. A few weeks ago Jason's teacher asked his class who would like to host some missionaries for dinner one night during their stay here. He shot his hand up and said, "My mom is a great cook, we would like to have them over for dinner." Come to find out, Jason's mother, Mrs. Wong is a fantastic cook.

As soon as we arrived to their home which was on the 21st floor of a 26 floor building, the children, Jason and Bonnie, offered us water as we waited for the rice to cook. We were surprised to see that Jason and Bonnie had a baby sister who is 11 months old and not shy at all. She gave us lot of smiles and during supper; she giggled a lot.

Jason and his teacher had gone over some questions that we might have, and he said his favorite food was fried chicken wings. Can you guess what we had for dinner? Yep, you got 
 it, fried chicken wings. Yummy! :) There were many other things Mrs. Wong prepared for us as well, such as dumpling soup, tofu with beef, a vegetable similar to asparagus, and fish.  It was all so delicious!

After dinner Sarah H., Louisa, Hannah and I sat at the table with Jason and his teacher Mrs. Chu. He showed us his school books and talked about how someday he would like to go to America. We said we had lots of professors with kids his age he could stay with. He just giggled. He really wants to see snow, and I think Nebraska is the  
perfect state for him to see that in, or in Minnesota with Julie.

The Wong's were such generous hosts and it was a great honor that we were able to have dinner with them and meet such an amazing family of God. 

Peace and Blessings,
     Lauren Aufdembrink

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