Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Mission House

This evening the team went to the LCMS mission house and met some of the missionaries that work in Asia and learned about all the work that is being done by the LCMS. Pasta and salad was served for about 20 people in the home of Joel and Iantha Scheiwe where missionary kids played with team members as everyone relaxed and enjoyed casual conversation. The sun began to set at about 7 pm and everyone went onto the roof to watch the city lights go on. By 7:30 everyone was back on the bus and headed back to the school.

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  1. I met Joel Scheiwe in 2005 when I visited Hong Kong. I stayed with Allan and Sandy Schmidt for ten days. Now I'm a student at CUNE, and hope to someday go back to Asia with my husband. Loving all these posts and the stories by the girls! :)