Wednesday, May 16, 2012

J-E-S-U-S Yes!

It finally felt like we had found a rhythm. We woke up and ate breakfast as usual and made our way down the step to great the students with enthusiastic waves and smiles. It was encouraging to see the waves and smiles that we received in response, even if the kids looked as tired as we felt.
The teachers have been urging the students of LCK to start conversations with us.  We love it because we know that they are just as interested to learn about us as we are interested in them. During the course of a short recess period, I had asked two boys, Harry and Terry, if they had walked to school or if they had ridden a bus. Both boys said they had come on foot. For some of the kids, it takes up to ten minutes to get to the doors of the school. Even so, others ride a bus for an hour before they arrive sleepy eyed to wave and smile and learn. We, as a missionary team, are blessed enough to be able to stay in a wonderful air conditioned room with more than enough amenities to keep us happy. All we have to do is walk down the stairs to start the school day.
Lydia, Rachel, Julie and I have had the opportunity to teach music classes. We learn songs like Alleluia/Praise Ye The Lord, So Much to be Thankful For and Father I Adore You. Two assemblies were held before lunch and we sang some of the songs a select few of the the students body had learned. It was great to see how much energy could be generated from yelling, "J-E-S-U-S. Yes!"  Later on, we were participated in some video taking. We informed "the audience" that if they wanted to learn English fluently, LCK was the place to go! Being camera shy was not an option. We loved it. By the time the school day wound down, we left to eat supper with the missionaries currently working in Hong Kong. We were able to see Uncle John and Aunt Susan (Mr. and Mrs. Mehl of course) and a few other teachers and church workers. We all had two helpings of ziti and salad. It was a cool evening so we went to the roof and took a picture with the skyline in the background. It was the end of a full but enjoyable day.

Audrey Mehl

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  1. We are enjoying your blog so much. You open many wonderful memories for us. Enjoy your time sharing God's love with so many. Hugs, the former HK Oettings